Sax 35th is a beautiful resistance against
the world of easily disposable goods. The 
brand evokes an era of infallible clothes
and accessories to be worn with love and 
pride. An era of thoughtful design, highest 
quality materials, meticulous handicraft 
and devotion to one's own work.

At Sax 35th, nearly all the fabrics used are imported from Italy and ordered from trusted suppliers.Thanks to our passion for craft and manufacture, we developed our trademark designs, in which we join various types of fabric: wool, cotton, leather, viscose, and blend them into inventive combinations with a futuristic edge. We're not afraid to connect satin with wool, leather with chiffon in our tailoring alchemy. Each product coming out of our workshop has a special quality control certificate, which guarantees flawless execution and is a proof of our love for the art of creating fashion. 



The brand was created by Polish designer Alicja Czarniecka, who decided to transfer her fascination  with surreal art onto fashion. A graduate of the renowned School of Art and Design in Łódź and Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, she moved on from painting to „art in use”. She took her first steps in fashion design in Chicago, under the tutelage of Barbara Bates, with whom she worked on designs worn by Oprah Winfrey, Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige. Chicago was also a place where the idea behind SAX35th was born. The elusive concept describes a creative space which exists partly in reality, and partly in imagination.

Gradually, Alicja Czarniecka went on to present her collections all around the world, from Dubai and Chicago to Kiev and Dusseldorf and in numerous fashion editorials. The journey continues...