Alicja Czarniecka has been offered a proposition to collaborate with Doda in creating the singer's tour costumes. "Fly High Tour" is an upscale music event that encompasses 90 shows in Poland, Germany, and The United Kingdom. The leading theme of Doda's tour is a paradise island and her outfits had to match the cheerful color-exploding climate. Alicja Czarniecka has made a fabulous job in designing those extraordinary ensembles. Opting for alluring, she decided to create a set of unique bodysuits, that will display the singer's figure. Intense hues, bold adornments, a lot of feathers and fringes create an exotic impression. The signature imaginative glamour is hard to miss in any of her projects. Both Alicja and Doda are very pleased with the outcome of their cooperation. We are waiting for some other teamwork from the two.

photo credits:

Szubert PhotographyDoda

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