Fashionable East. Bialystok Fashion Week 2015 is the biggest fashion celebration in Eastern Poland. This year's edition (30.07 - 02.08.2015), which was held in the outstanding facility of Bialystok Opera House, featured a variety of the most prominent designers from all over Europe. The most known names were surely Michał Satrost, Natasha Pavluchenko, and Jonathan Liang. The special star was Mariusz Przybylski, whose breathtahing show was a grand finale to the whole event. 

Fashionable East is an amazing initiative of talented people, who aim to inspire others with the magic of fashion. Once again, you proved that Bialystok is capable of organising a professional cultural event on a big scale. Fashionable East, thank you for making us a part of your supreme event. See you next year!

Alicja Czarniecka debuted her latest Monóchrōmos collection on Firday, 31st July, at 21 PM. 

monóchrōmos (gr. monochrome)

Feminine, modern, boho - FW17 Monóchrōmos collection has been inspired by the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. These influences are especially visible in printings. The pattern - inspired by the capital of a Greek column - perfectly blends with its modern form, creating a harmonious unity. Alicja Czarniecka's latest propositions feature complex patterns embroidered on net. FW17 collection is also about contrasts. The dominant colors are monochromatic black and white, with hints of maroon and beige. The geometric structure of heavy leather has been overcome with the lightness of silk and delicate, hair-like fringe. These ornate silhouettes personify a modern, fashion-conscious woman. Leading motifs of the collection are black, white, fringe, leather as well as sophisticated design. 

A big thank you to all of you, who were with us on this amazing evening - the audience, the staff, models, friends and family. Your support was invaluable!

Photo credits: Piotr Mikulak, Artur Radecki. 

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