Alicja Czarniecka has taken part in the second edition of Project Runway. Joining the show is a great opportunity for any designer who wants to enlarge the sphere of his influences and make a name for himself. Notwithstanding the fact that Alicja has already established a powerful fashion brand, she decided to participate in the Project. 

During her stay in the programme, she has designed two unique creations. Her first work was a little white dress with gold panels, made of tablecloth. curtains, and lampshade. The elegant dress enabled Alicja to proceeded to the next episode.

The second task was creating sporty outfits for female volleyball players. At first, Alicja was not confident about her design and she used the opportunity to change the whole outfit. Her next proposition was a playful sporty costume comprising of grey loose shorts, white and pink top with "A" letter printed on the chest, and pink cape. Alicja was pleased with the outcome, saying that her model "looked like a beautiful doll". The jury, however, did not like the design. In the end, they chose Anh's project over Alicja's.

Taking part in Project Runway is another milestone in Alicja Czarniecka's career. New experiences she has gained will surely bring profits in the future.

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